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The American Express Airpoints Platinum Card

The American Express Airpoints Platinum Card

Earn 300 Airpoints Dollars™ when you apply through this page by 16 July 2019, are approved and spend $1,500 on your new Card in the first three months. Earn 1 Air New Zealand Airpoints Dollar for every $59 you spend. Enjoy complimentary Smartphone Screen Insurance for up to $500.


The American Express Airpoints Card

The American Express Airpoints Card

50 bonus Airpoints Dollars when you apply, are approved, and spend $750 on your Card within your first 3 months. No annual fee ever plus 1 Airpoints Dollar for every $100 you spend - on anything from groceries to music. Earn more Airpoints Dollars by getting a complimentary Supplementary Card for friends and family.

p.a. for 6 months

(reverts to 19.95% p.a.)

The American Express Platinum Edge Credit Card

The American Express Platinum Edge Credit Card

20,000 Membership Rewards bonus points if you apply online, are approved and spend $750 within the first 3 months. Get a special intro rate on purchases of 2.99% p.a. Plus enjoy a complimentary direct domestic return flight every year.

p.a. for 6 months

(reverts to 19.95% p.a.)

The American Express Platinum ard

The American Express Platinum Charge Card

Experience the ultimate in rewards cards with the original Platinum card from AMEX. Up to 80,000 Membership Rewards Bonus Points when you spend $1,500 on your Card within the first 3 months. Huge range of features. Receive a $200 Platinum Travel Credit each year. Transfer your points to a choice of 7 airline rewards and 3 hotel programmes. Enjoy complimentary Smartphone Screen Insurance for up to $500.

You pay off each month
The Low Rate Credit Card from American Express

The Low Rate Credit Card from American Express

Pay just 2.99% p.a. for the first 6 months on purchases with this special offer. Reverts to a low 12.69% p.a. on purchases, so you don't get caught out by high interest after the intro period.

p.a. for 6 months

(reverts to 12.69% p.a.)

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Why have a credit card?

To help you achieve your lifestyle goals

Having a credit card offers you increased freedom into how you manage your financial affairs.

With a line of credit up to an approved limit, and interest-free days each statement cycle (if you pay off your balance in full) – you can do more with your money.

Having some flexibility around when payment is due can help you achieve your lifestyle goals.

A convenient way to make payment

You don’t have to draw cash, or make full payment from your bank account at the point of sale. Rather payment is charged to your credit card, which you settle at a later date. Payment is quick and easy; it can be in person, over the phone, or online.

What are the benefits of using a credit card?

Can help you achieve your lifestyle goals

A credit card can enable you to purchase big-ticket items without having to wait for pay day or save up over time.

As it is not required that you pay your debt off in full each statement cycle, a credit card enables you to pay off expenses over time.

Efficient payment method

Having a credit card means you do not have to carry large sums of money around with you. Your spending can usually be charged to your card. Payment can be in-person at the point of sale, or over the phone or online.

A credit card also enables you to make foreign currency purchases easily, although there is usually a fee for this type of transaction.

Interest-free credit

If you pay off your balance in full each statement cycle, you will benefit from interest-free credit. This could be up to 55-days’ interest-free credit, depending on the terms of your card. This means that you can make the purchase now, and pay later without accruing interest. This gives you time to earn the money to pay for your spending.

However if you do not pay off your balance in full, no interest-free days apply; interest is calculated from the day of purchase.

Loyalty Programmes

Credit cards offer excellent loyalty programmes to customers who pay off their balances in full each month.

Accounts accumulate reward points, which can be used for:

  • Travel: flights, hotels and car rentals
  • In-store items: technology, toys, tools and more
  • Entertainment
  • Cash back credited to the account.


Further, some credit cards offer additional perks such as travel insurance, emergency assistance or concierge services for their customers’ convenience and wellbeing.

Build a credit history

Having a credit card can enable you to demonstrate your credit worthiness as your repayment histories are captured on your credit file.

Responsibly managing your credit card debt - by not missing payments or maxing out your cards - can enable you to achieve a high credit score.

A strong credit rating indicates your risk of default is low, so could help you secure a car or home loan at a preferential interest rate.

What are the risks of using a credit card?


Credit cards can present a temptation to spend more than you can afford. With cash you see the amount in your wallet dwindling with each purchase. But with a credit card, it can be easier to lose track of your spending.

Credit cards also enable you to spend money that you have not yet earned. This in itself can be a risky thing to do.


As it is not required that you pay off your credit card in full each statement cycle, carrying a balance over and continuing to use your card means you can amass sizeable debt quickly.

Poor understanding

It’s important that credit cardholders understand the terms, fees and charges associated with their cards.

For example, if you do not make minimum payment on the due date, a late fee will generally be payable. Further, if you do not clear your balance you will lose your interest-free days and pay interest from the date of each purchase.

Different interest rates apply for cash advances, purchases and balance transfers. It’s important to know that interest accrues straightaway - and at a higher rate - when you use your credit card to withdraw cash.


There is the risk of unauthorised spending on your account if your card or card information is lost or stolen. To counter this, keep your card safe and check your statements carefully for any fraudulent activity.

You can also choose a card provider that offers top-notch security and customer service. By carefully monitoring your account for any spending anomalies, your card provider should be able to help you keep your account safe.

How to choose a credit card

To select the right credit card for your needs, it’s important to consider your spending habits alongside what you hope to achieve.

Access a low interest rate

If you do not think you can pay off your account in full each statement cycle, then you may want a low fee, low interest rate credit card to minimise your debt.

Access an attractive rewards programme

If you are likely to spend up on your credit card and pay off your balance in full, you can select from an enticing range of rewards. Just make sure that you claim enough in rewards to offset the fees that you pay for this type of card.

What types of credit cards are available in NZ?

Low rate credit card

This may be suitable if you expect to carry sizeable debt on your credit card and want to minimise the interest you are liable for.

Balance transfer credit card

This may allow you to access a low (or even zero per cent) interest rate for a fixed period of time. You will need to continue to make minimum payment each statement cycle, and you should try to pay off the balance before the rate reverts to its standard rate. You cannot max out your account with a balance transfer, so you may need to increase your credit limit to take out this credit card. Further, a purchase interest rate will apply to new spending on your card.

No annual fee / Free credit card

This may be beneficial if you plan to pay your balance in full each statement cycle. This card may offer less competitive interest rates as a ‘free’ credit card.

Interest-free credit card

This offers a 0% purchase rate for a set period. Thereafter, the standard purchase interest rate applies. This card may be suitable if you expect to be able to pay off your spending within the interest-free period.

Rewards credit card

If your credit card spending is high but you expect to pay off your bill in full each cycle, you can select from an attractive range of rewards.

The annual fee for this type of card may be high, so it’s worthwhile checking that the value of the rewards you claim is worth more than the fees that you pay.

It’s also important that the rewards programme aligns with your interests. For example, if you are not a keen traveller then points for flights may not be valuable to you. In this case a cash back reward card may be more suitable.

Platinum credit card

These credit cards are available to high-income earners with good credit history. They offer higher credit limits and allow you to earn reward points faster.

Typically they come with a high annual fee and purchase rate, so they are most suitable for customers who will enjoy the benefits and rewards they offer, while paying off their balances each month.

They may offer additional benefits to their rewards programmes, such as: security features, emergency assistance if your card is lost or stolen, complimentary travel insurance (if you make travel bookings using your credit card), concierge services, and access to pre-sale tickets for events.

What is a charge card?

There is no limit to the amount you spend on your charge card. However the balance needs to be paid in full each month. This is not a credit card, so revolving debt is not allowed. There are high penalties if you do not make payment on the due date.

American Express issues most charge cards, and while the annual fee for this type of card can exceed $1,000, there are many perks on offer.

This type of card may be particularly beneficial if you are a frequent traveller. Some charge cards offer travel credit that can be used to pay for flights, hotel bookings and car rentals. Many offer a comprehensive range of travel and other insurances for your personal welfare and peace of mind.

What are the costs of having a credit card?

It’s important to check the small print when selecting a credit card so that you know the fees and charges you could be liable for. These costs can include:

Annual fee – this can range from zero to hundreds of dollars for a credit card, or over a thousand dollars for a charge card.

Interest charges – these rates vary according to transaction type. When making repayments your funds are applied to the balances accruing the most to least interest. This means your funds pay off your account in the following order:

  • Firstly cash advance charges,
  • Secondly purchase charges,
  • Lastly balance transfers.


Missed payment charge – typically this is an automated fee charged when you do not make payment by due date. It will usually range from $10-$35.

Missing payment means that you accrue interest on your balance and on this penalty fee. It’s a good idea to set up direct debit minimum payments so you never miss payment.

Over-limit fee – you may be liable for a fee if you go over your credit limit, or you may have your purchase interest rate increased.

You can contact your card provider and opt for a hard limit on your account to avoid this fee. However fees and charges payable on your account could still send you over your limit if you have a lot of spending on your card.

Cash advance fee – a fee is payable when you use your credit card account to draw cash. This is typically a flat-rate fee or a percentage of the cash advance amount.

In addition to this fee, you pay high daily interest charges on the cash advance amount. Therefore it is advisable to pay off your account as soon as possible if you use your credit card in this way.

Foreign exchange fee – this fee is often 2.25% – 2.5% of the NZ dollar value of every foreign currency transaction you make.

Therefore if you use your credit card extensively while holidaying overseas you can expect to see a lot of additional fees on your account.

How to manage your credit card debt

Here are some general tips on getting the most out of your credit card:

  • Select the right credit card for your lifestyle and spending habits.
  • Choose a low-rate credit card if you do not expect to clear your balance each month.
  • Minimise interest payments by paying off all (or as much as possible) of your balance each month.
  • Get the most out of a balance transfer card by paying off your balance in the interest-free period.
  • Consider setting up direct debit payments for your credit card so you never miss a payment.
  • Factor in time for funds to clear when paying off your credit card from another bank account.
  • If you withdraw cash using your credit card, pay off your balance as quickly as possible to reduce daily interest charges.
  • Stay informed; be aware of when your promotional period ends and your interest rates change.
  • Make sure that the rewards on offer are valuable to you so you can get the most out of your card.
  • Be aware that maxing out your cards and missing payments can negatively impact your credit score.
  • Check your credit report <> before applying for a new credit card.


American Express in New Zealand

American Express has partnered with Air New Zealand to create some fantastic travel rewards!

By spending on The American Express Airpoints Card or The American Express Airpoints Platinum Card you can earn Air Points Dollars, which is Air New Zealand’s loyalty programme.

You can use these dollars to pay for flights, upgrades, Koru membership (entitling you to a range of Air New Zealand travel benefits), and car rentals. Further, you can spend in the Airpoints Store, which is well stocked with technology, toys, toiletries, tools and much more; you can even use your points to make donations to schools.

Travel lounge access, travel insurance and smartphone screen insurance are also available on The American Express Airpoints Platinum Card.

Spending on The American Express Platinum Edge Credit Card and The American Express Platinum Card will entitle you to American Express Membership Reward points.

This loyalty programme can turn your spending into new and exciting experiences!

  • You can pay with points for eligible flights, hotels, and car rental through American Express Travel.
  • You can pay with points at Harvey Norman Online, Ticketmaster, or claim a range of gift cards covering retail, entertainment and travel.
  • You can opt for credit on your account.


Further, with these prestige cards you may also be eligible for perks that include:

  • complimentary travel insurance
  • smartphone screen insurance,
  • travel credit,
  • complimentary domestic flights,
  • VIP travel lounge access,
  • exclusive hotel, restaurant and lifestyle offers, and more!